Postcardcube Ramakian Collection

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Postcardcube celebrates the unique beauty of traditional Thai art and culture in the Ramakian Collection. This collection presents the four principal characters in the Ramakian, Thailand's national epic. The story is the Thailand's take on the Ramayana, the famous Indian epic. This Thai mythology has been retold from generation to generation since the Ayutthaya period (1350-1767 AD) and is still performed in the Khon style of theater in the country.
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LET'S BURN SOME CALORIES, Changeable color cup cover

Changeable multi-purpose cup, new products by #abearable

A part of pattern is capable of displaying different colors at different temperature.

** The bear's hula hoop will darken when exposed to cold cup of milkshake or some soft drink that make you fat! , let's burn your calories!.

* The cup-cover will keep your drink cold for 1.30-2 hours. (small cup 12 oz.)
* The cup-cover can be used for storage your beloved stationary or cutlery set in your kitchen.
* You can use the cup-cover for decorate your workspace , it's so cute your home :)

** The cup-cover maybe imperfect detail because they are hand-sewing products and sewing by hand one by one.
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The Himmapan Postcard & Cut-out Statue is a set of Eco design postcards that can be easily cut and folded into little elephant statues that you can send to any part of the world all the way from Thailand. Made from recycled material, it comes in four different elephant designs that bring their recipients felicity, tenacity, longevity and prosperity. They come in these adorable vibrant colors that people of any age are sure to love.
Postcardcube Himmapan Collection
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